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20th breakfast – HR systems in CZ

This breakfast was very special not only because it was the 20th, but mainly because of the structure it had. Normally our main ...

March 22, 2018
Veronika Kynclová

This breakfast was very special not only because it was the 20th, but mainly because of the structure it had. Normally our main speaker Honza Pavelka is followed by one or maximum two experts on presented topic. However, not this time. During this breakfast we have listened to 7 guests talking about 6 different HR information systems. And having a chance to compare this variety of HRIS suppliers was very interesting experience indeed.

Contribution of this event can be understood the best when we have a look at the reasons why we have decided to organise such a big session in terms of number of our guests. One of the main activities we are focusing on is helping our clients to choose the best HR information systems for themselves. In this whole process our big added value is our impartiality towards particular HRIS suppliers. We follow lists of given criterias which helps us not to give preference to one concrete vendor which we would be used to side with. We always try to avoid giving our opinion on particular HRIS, instead we provide our clients with enough inputs and information to support them in building their own opinion, not influenced by our own personal preferences. However, this time we wanted you to get at least little insight into more systems at one time so that you can get some impression and create your opinion about different HR information systems.

Of course knowing HRIS “menu” is not the only crucial thing for choosing the most fitting one. Therefore at the beginning of our breakfast Honza explained the whole selection procedure, including mapping workshops or reference visits at other client’s workplace. Talterra can arrange the whole project of selecting new HRIS, but also be helpful during different stages of the project.

Then we have been listening to 6 presentations of different HR information systems – OK base, PlusPortal, RON, Success Factors by SAP, Skilo HR and Workday, each of them had 10 minutes to present their product. During these presentations, all visitors of our breakfast had “degustation questionaires” at their disposal, therefore they could evaluate several criterias of each HRIS.

BeFunky Collage_small

All attendees confirmed they would like to receive a final report with their evaluations. Therefore we took a picture of each questionaire and created several charts in Tableau.  You can see only this graph – others are available only to participants.


This breakfast again was filled with very warming atmosphere thanks to all our guests and visitors, lots of them stayed to discuss with us even after official ending.

You can check our photogallery.

We can’t wait to meet again during our next breakfast, which is going to take place in April!

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