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Process Audit

People, Processes, Technology - with our support you can achieve the optimal balance.

HRAT (HR Assessment by Talterra) is a service designed for easy and accurate identification of key development and risk areas in HR. At the same time it provides further directions of development that will enhance the quality of HR services regarding the industry and customer situation.

The analysis is carried out through structured interviews with key HR employees and other cooperating deparments from the client perspective. Not only managers but also all the other colleagues responsible for individual processes and activities should participate in the workshops. Additional information is obtained through the analysis of reports and documentation related to the processes.

To facilitate the procedure of revising the current state we use the process model divided into four key areas:

HR Strategy and Communication

(includes managing relationship with business, workforce planning, HR services planning, budgeting)

Employee Lifecycle

(covers the processes from recruitment to onboarding, appraisals and compensation to learning & development and finally succession planning)

Personnel Administration

(includes regular HR activities from the payroll processing, medical examinations, communication with offices to HR reporting)

HR technology

(includes HR systems such as HRIS, attendance, payroll, self-service portals, specific systems such as recognition  or analytical applications)

Each of the four areas is further divided into a total of 20 detailed topics.

The outcome of the project is a Final report, which is presented to the Sponsor.

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