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HR analytics

Let the numbers talk, they will help you lead your company in the right direction.

We can answer these questions

  • How to set up HR reporting?
  • Which Metrics to track and why?
  • What impact on the Employee Performance did the Talent Program have?
  • Which HR problems to concentrate on (using Pareto analysis)?
  • Where it pays off to revise/change the Personnel Expenditures (Expenditure Analysis)?
  • How much controlled is your Reward System?
  • Which factors do affect your Employee Turnover or High Performance (factor analysis and predictive modelling)?
  • How the change in Employee Engagement score results in Productivity or even in Turnover and Margins?
  • Which roles are the key ones for your today and future Strategy (Strategic Workforce Planning)?
  • Which projects you should go ahead (mostly using Net Present Value)?

How our projects look like?

  • We explore your environment and all the data sources and draw a map.
  • Together with you we define which data is necessary for us and in what form we can get it.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to start with collecting the data at first.
  • We clean and consolidate the given data.
  • We perform the analysis and set the metrics
  • We put together the Data Dictionary with a precise calculation of each metric and with description of the data we used. By this we ensure that whole company talks about the same numbers – one version of Truth.
  • We apply appropriate statistical methods (correlation, causations, regression, decision trees, …). Most often we use R.
  • We create reports and dashboards (we use your own tools or we deliver solutions offered by Tableau, Qlik Sense or GoodData)
  • Final results are presented in the form of storytelling.

HR Reporting and Analytics Trainings

At the University of Economics (VŠE) under the patronage of Institute of Human Resources we deliver the 3-days course.

Nearest event

Analytics Trial

It is also possible to opt for a Proof of Concept. That is a reduced version of our standard project and the final solution will be provided to you in a limited timeframe. The price is limited as well 🙂


We work with tool of our partners Tableau, Qlik, GoodData, Keboola and IBM Watson Analytics.

We can support you in the selection process – from data consolidation over statistical processing to Business Intelligence and visualisation.

Reports available for anyone

Each recipient of your reports will get what he/she individually needs. We typically create outcomes for HR department, top management and line managers.

Visualisation of your data

Displaying large volume of data and simplifying the work with them can reveal patterns and relationships that we would otherwise not be able to see.

Focus on future

Advanced data analysis can further be used for the modelling the expected development, which helps to find answers to questions about the future.

Want to know more? I am Jan Pavelka and happy to answer your questions. 602 834 625