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Talent management

Each of your people can shine. Let them do so.

We compose integrated Talent Management together with our client and we harmonise their Processes to perfection in several related areas.


How to describe your requirements on new colleagues and how to select the most suitable candidates? What channels to choose and why do I have to wait so long? Recruitment is a critical function of every HR department nowadays.


Fast integration of new employees and reduction of the non-productive time to a minimum is a priority of the OnBoarding process. It’s also about the involvement of all internal departments, preparation of working tools etc. At the same time, we emphasise the nice farewell to employees in the process of OffBoarding.

Performance Management and Appraisals

Setting goals, measuring them and conducting evaluation interviews lead to higher performance of the whole organisation – all the employees then pull together. We can recommend not only the process improvements but also the software. Identify your talents with potential for further growth and let them shine.

Compensation and Benefits

For a good job there should be given a reward. We harmonise the compensation and benefit system and compare it with data from the external market. We help to design a strategy of a long-term incentive program and double-check wether it really works.

Learning and Development

From the performance interviews we often gain inputs for further development of employees, which should be managed systematically within development plans. Catalogue of courses, e-learning and traditional face-to-face approach, on-the-job training, course evaluation, certification administration or testing are just some of the agendas that you can solve with your support.

Career  and Succession Planning

This is the main reason why we are dealing with the whole Talent Management – it is to be prepared for the leaving of key employees and have a new successor on time without impacting business results and operations of the company.

We’d be happy to evaluate your processes and identify key areas for further development (gap analysis). It ensures that all the money spent on your employees will bring maximum benefit to your organisation.And then all-together we can start optimising particular areas.

Talent program

From our perspective the Talent Management is a systematic approach to staffing the right people the to right roles at the right time. It sounds simple, but the practice is a little more complicated in a constantly changing environment. If you need to quickly prepare several suitable employees for new challenges - Talent Program is the right choice.

Want to know more? I am Jan Pavelka and happy to answer your questions. 602 834 625