About us

Our mission is
to let your HR shine

You will see who drives you forward by using good set of processes and tools in HR, systems, metrics and accurate interpretation of the data.

Why to choose us

The name Talterra was created by combining two words - TAL stands for Talent and TERRA represents the Land. We help organisations to develop well in the land full of talented people.

Combination of humanistic approach and technologies
Experienced people, fun and fresh ideas
Local, regional and global projects
We test on ourselves
We are lean
From big to small ones

Here we are

We are the ones who love their job.

Jan Pavelka

Jan is the founder and CEO of  Talterra. In the last 15 years he has been in various roles in global corporation. He passed the Talent program, led the czech as well as regional unit and supported his direct reports in their development and growth. Later on he was leading a small consulting company delivering HR information systems to large customers. He loves combining HR soft approach (art) with technology (science). He is an active beekeeper and flyfisherman.

Radim Zabadal

Radim is the sales enforcement of Talterra’s team. He has provided many consulting services and organised plenty of development courses for commercial companies as well as for government agencies. He’s been focused on HR and L&D continuously since his studies of Andragogy  and Personal management at the Faculty of Philosophy (Charles University). His domain is the professional insight in HR area. That’s why he attempts to understand his clients needs as well as to recommend the optimised solution.

Radim enjoys his free time in nature – by rock climbing, skiing, on the bike or just by meditating on mountain peaks.

Michaela Prouzová

Michaela is our expert for payroll and local legislation. She still actively calculate the payslips for several clients so she has a contact with day-to-day issues. She is a member of Collective Bargaining Association where difficult questions from legal perspective are discussed. She has used many HR systems and she can compare them during the selection process. Moreover she smiles all the time being in a good mood – so it is nice to have her in a project team.

Kateřina Kománková

Katerina is focused on HRIS selection. Thanks to her experience with global HR systems in international companies she understands the needs of HR specialists and employees. She perceives a suitable HRIS as a great assistant which helps it's users to save time which they can spend by doing strategic and creative work instead of excess administration. Therefore she feels that it is necessary to select it wisely.

Thanks to her study of HR and adult education on Charles University and management on Prague University of Economics and Business, she understands the whole scope of HR processes and Czech labour law.

She loves dancing, therefore she dances in Divé ženy project and leading dancing courses for elderly adults in Elpida.

Veronika Kynclová

Veronika is focused on process optimisation (efficiency and effectiveness) of HR processes – for example Performance management and appraisals, Learning and Development or Recruitment. The crucial aspect of each process for her is the purpose and added value – if it is missing then it’s time for a change.Veronika has a great knowledge of legislation. On top of that she is dedicated to personal development and soft-skills courses (for example the topic of feedback delivering).

We are eco-enthusiasts

We are aware that operation of every company (and thus Talterra) is a burden for our planet.

Nature is not only at the places far far away, but it is all around us. We would like to enjoy it together with our children and give it to them in a good condition. Therefore, we act responsibly and actively try to keep our action as much useful for our environment as possible.

  • We use ecological materials as much as possible
  • We minimise and separate waste
  • We prefer local organic food and heathy eating
  • We drive a hybrid vehicle
  • We reduce our carbon footprint

Cooperating with schools

On a long-term basis we contribute to student development within the university departments which deal with teaching HR and adult education. We try to bring a view from practice and thus complement the purely academic approach. On the other hand, contact with the university environment is very beneficial for us. We meet up with fresh ideas, innovative projects and huge energy the students have, which drives us forward.

  • Masters and Bachelor Thesis
  • Expert Lectures
  • Lending of technologies
  • Internships in Talterra