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Strategic Workforce Planning – 19th breakfast

At the end of January our 19th HR breakfast took place in Prague Startup Centre. 25 participants came to have a coffee and snacks ...

February 7, 2018
Veronika Kynclová

At the end of January our 19th HR breakfast took place in Prague Startup Centre. 25 participants came to have a coffee and snacks with us and listened to presentations not only of Honza Pavelka, but also our honoured guests Andrea Lopatová and Alena Bořilová.

Honza opened the topic of strategic workforce planning by showing us five crucial steps which are necessary to create process with real added value. At the very beginning we must identify key roles (these which are essential to fulfil company’s main goals), then we analyse current situation and trends. Third step is creating possible scenarios, which is the best tool to be used in current uncertain environment. Afterwards gap analysis is created, which shows how the amount of our workforce and their competences is going to change in future compared to present state. And creating concrete action plan (containing talent management, recruitment strategy etc.) is the final outcome of this whole procedure. After this introduction we took a look at examples from variety of companies. We have seen how Solvay, AXA or STM are creating their workforce strategies.

Honza also showed couple of examples of data vizualition – e.g. how to pick-up Critical Roles and properly aggregate them into job families/functions to keep the level detail under control.


Another example described the possibilities of visibility of competencies. They’re commonly maintained as long lists in Excel files which is hard to work with. This alternative can even animate the changes in timeline (we demonstrated data from 2015-2017).




Then our special guests got a word and they were very open when showing us their own experience with workforce strategic planning from their internal HR perspective. At first Andrea Lopatová, who works as HR and Comp&Ben Manager in Linet, had been talking about their HR strategic planning procedure. She showed us schedule of the whole process and focused also at HR reporting which is vital foundation for planning in Linet.

Alena Bořilová HR Business Partner Senior from ČSOB talked about their internal challenge – organizational transformation. Their journey consists of typical workforce planning but moreover it also covers project teams and allocation of experts to agile teams. Alena’s colleague from HR controlling – Šimon Hlaváček – described his way of data consolidation and future projection.

You can have a look at our pictures to get a hint about how the atmosphere of the whole breakfast looked like.

In case you would like to learn more about our services in Workforce Planning do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you also want to gain new inspiration and energy out of discussions with other HR enthusiasts? Our next HR breakfast is going to take place at the end of March and registrations are already open!

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