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HR Breakfast: Continuous Performance Management

Are you interested in continuous feedback? Or your employees want it? Do you seek real experiences?


26.1. 2021



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free of charge


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Just a small warning - it is in the Czech language.

Honza Pavelka, Adéla Stránská and Eliška Papežová are going to share with you a guide how to deal with specific risks and avoid typical pitfalls during the implementation. We are going to show samples of data. And of course - a small exercise or test is not going to be missing to train your brain :)

Kontinuální feedback dokáže lépe pracovat s potenciálem zaměstnance a rychleji dosahovat cílů.

Besides Talterra we're going to welcome two special employers:

Foxconn - Markéta Vašinová a Josef Douda - Training & Development dept.
How did we succeed with Continuous Performance Management in our manufacturing company 10 months since the go-live? How our numbers look like and what was the implementation project like? How does it work now and what are the plans for the upcoming months? You're going to see the mobile app too.

IBM ČR - Štěpán Lukeš - Head of HR
How do we use continuous feedback data and also other sources of data for career planning in IBM? We utilise SAP SuccessFactors app like Foxconn). You are going to get to know how the AI application MYCA (My Career Advisor) helps in career development.

The event is online (for sure). But we keep our traditional name - HR breakfast.

Our partner is the delivery service Wolt. Therefore the first 20 registered attendees are going to get credits for the breakfast including delivery to his/her home or office (Prague only).

And what you should expect? It is going to be a breakfast menu from our typical venue - Špejle.

Wolt also offers an interesting program Wolt at work to all HR managers, that brings you an effective and comfortable catering including delivery having monthly invoicing. See more details :

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