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24th HR breakfast: Turnover analysis

Here we are again! Last HR breakfast in this year – number 24. As is our good habit now, we hosted our guests in Špejle restaurant ...

Magdaléna Machovičová

Since 2019 we have decided to publish only in english.

Here we are again! Last HR breakfast in this year – number 24. As is our good habit now, we hosted our guests in Špejle restaurant in Jindřišská Street, where the air-conditioning was still doing its job really hard (and really loud), perhaps because the autumn isn’t as cold as we would expect on November 8th. But we have overcome this obstacle with good spirit and inspiring words!

We hadn’t got any special guest, but we had Honza Pavelka and his case study!

The theme of today’s session was Turnover analysis and its management. As we speak about attrition (fluctuation) we mean change in the number of people in the organisation over a given period. There are some specifications: turnover could be desirable and undesirable also influenceable and un-influenceable. It’s crucial to know it and keep specific data shown in bar graphs or line graphs. How to catch it? Do well prepared exit interviews, know how you are recruiting employees, what you can offer to your employees and how your rivals in business do these things.

There are some typical reasons why people leave organisations: they are talents without opportunities to grow or they are new hires without visions and so on… To find out if the leavers are just random or if there are some significant patterns we have to work with statistics. We have a perfect tool: Chi square tests. Another very useful tool is Stability index which works with two sides of one coin: chaos and stagnation. These two sides have to be balanced in the organisation. It’s not good to have one or the other factor dominant.

Risk of Loss - steps of analysis

Survival Analysis, Employee lifetime value, Predictive model for individuals or teams; these tools were introduced and described on real examples.

Risk of Loss - individual level

This kind of analysis is one of our favourites: to separate relevant data from the useless buzz to find out what really influence the turnover in your organisation. The analysis can be finished within several weeks. And that’s what we can do.

In the middle of our program we split our guests to work in teams. They received papers full of charts and figures from the fictive  company. After 15 minutes they had to come up with ideas about: How does it perform? Is it in a good shape or not? Are KPIs  fine (turnover, engagement and overall situation through few last years)? Perfect case study I think! The opinions were different from each team but at last the synergistic discussion brought agreement how the company runs through years.

There you can see some photos that will sketch the atmosphere of this morning. And especially photos from solving the case study are really engaging. Everyone was immersed in work!

We will always love these moments in time, when we are spreading thoughts and unopened possibilities and approaches.

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