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26th HR Breakfast: Data in Learning & Development

We opened the year 2020 with another HR breakfast. We met on January 21st, where else than in Špejle restaurant in Jindřišská ...

Jitka Vlčinská

Since 2019 we have decided to publish only in english.

We opened the year 2020 with another HR breakfast. We met on January 21st, where else than in Špejle restaurant in Jindřišská Street (as we all just love their dishes). But we didn’t come only for eating, we also came to learn. So what was the focus of the HR Breakfast? Our topic was Data in Learning & Development. This time we didn’t have any guests, but instead, we had a live demonstration of one of the evaluation methods.

We opened with a general introduction, including an overview of the methods used in business to evaluate educational programs. Then we jumped straight into the Success Case Method. To the guest’s surprise, it is a qualitative method, therefore not so many numbers and statistics, but a different kind of data. Although it is not so well known, it’s simple and effective and offers quick results and suggestions for improvement. It first identifies the extremely successful and unsuccessful (in terms of the usage of the training on the job), using a survey. Then it further investigates the (un)success in interviews with those extreme individuals.

Robert Brinkerhoff

Robert Brinkerhoff

After a brief explanation of the method followed its simulation on the example of HR Breakfast itself. Everybody present got engaged in a quick and funny survey, conducted in Kahoot! (The tool drew a lot of attention of our guests, have you ever tried it too? We recommend it!) We continued with a short sketch, demonstrating how the interview with the extremely unsuccessful individual could look like (the negative examples are more fun, supposedly).

Kahoot results

Then we moved from this qualitative method to the numbers. As we like to do, we split our guests into teams and let them solve a case study, trying to interpret given data. They did great!

Case study

Afterward, Honza Pavelka gave some more examples of real data from real companies and how to work with them. He ended the program showing some dashboards and smart tools to produce them.

L&D dashboard

After we finished, some people stayed a little longer to talk and enjoy delicious food, while others had to leave back to their offices. We had a good time and we hope our guest did too. Check out the pictures to see for yourself. We’re looking forward to meeting you again on various occasions this year!

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