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PMF - Data in HR and how to use it

11th of November. This year we decided to celebrate the big day of Czech history by performing in inspirative workshop that focused ...

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Since 2019 we have decided to publish only in english.

11th of November. This year we decided to celebrate the big day of Czech history by performing in inspirative workshop that focused on data handling. The People Management Forum organized the event.

Whether we like it or not, it is more than ever necessary to prove our claims by exact data. The same is valid for HR thus the questions are, where to take that data, how to sort them, how to find the key once and what would happen if we would avoid them in the long term?

Honza Pavelka from Talterra guided the three-hour program of the workshop. He mentioned the importance of the HR data and competences needed for effective working with the data in the teams. He also presented new HR trends in the field of processing and using data and showed the possible future development.

Datová cesta organizace

He also used data and results from research done with HR information systems suppliers to support his claims. This research shows that reporting and its function is becoming a source for users (who do understand that coefficient 0,728is high, can understand Honzas´s satisfaction).

Průzkum mezi dodavateli HR systémů

He also discussed the case of clothing company H&M that received one of the highest fees (over 35 million EUR) considering the use of personal data (GDPR), so he recommends to use data carefully. At the end of his performance, he discussed what is most important in HR to save and how to use it.

Petr Lucký from Datacentrum presented the personnel system and its use at Liberty Ostrava. Adam Kondělka (head of HR Business Partners) also informed about current measuring at Liberty and areas in which he tries to predict data.

Pavel Halamíček, an HR manager from Foxconn introduced the systems they use in the company and the future aim of smart HR data sharing in the company. The platform for reporting and analytics in the company is Qlik. Pavel emphasises that it is not just about data democratization, but it is as well about a secure approach and the ability to protect these sensitive assets. Pavel implements the processes that provide this necessary control.

Petra Suchá, HR Director of Akka Technologies, who followed Pavel Halamíček, spoke about changes in the work of the HR department since the spring coronavirus situation. She mentioned the need to create a new tool for the controlled transition of employees from offices to home-office. Moreover, she spoke about dealing with customer´s consent for employees to work from home due to personal data protection, etc. She said that only the general protection of employee´s health was a challenge. As a result of the well structured recorded data, she and her colleagues were able to quickly create a tool that provided this data for qualified decision-making of business managers daily. So HR effectively contributed to solving business problems.


At the end of the online workshop, Jana Štoková, HR Operations Manager from ComAp, continued with her experience. She mainly described three situations in which the company has recently tried to shift the quality of data and decision-making the most. Although the company does not have an HR system, she manages with her 400 employees advanced tasks. One of these situations is, for example, the Global Job Matrix that is the global revision of Job Grades in connection with the unification of job nomenclature. Related to this is an advanced methodology for Salary review, which would be envied by many large companies. Performance management was the last example – although the data are gathered in MS Excel, the overall evaluation takes place in Power BI with the necessary analytical overlap.

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